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    Hawk Eye Wireless Spy Cam Bird Bath De-Icer 4X4 Mounting Flange
    Hawk Eye Wireless Spy CamBird Bath De-Icer (200 Watts)Birds Choice 4x4 Mounting Flange




    Mounting Flange All-purpose Hanger Arcadia Solar Birdbath
    Birds Choice Mounting Flange for 1" PoleAll Purpose HangerArcadia Solar Birdbath




    Ashbourne Solar birdbath Bird Bath Pedestal with bowl - heated 14" Non-Heated Deck Mount Bird Bath
    Ashbourne Solar BirdbathBird Bath Pedestal with Bowl (Heated)14" Bird Bath Deck/Pole (Non-Heated)




    14" Heated Deck Mount Bird Bath 20" Heated Bird Bath w/ Metal Stand 20" Bird Bath w/ Metal Stand
    14" Bird Bath Deck/Pole - Heated20" Heated Bird Bath with Metal Stand20" Non-Heated Bird Bath with Metal Stand




    20 in EZ Deck Tilt & Clean bird bath - heated Water Wiggler Standard Perky Pet Hummingbird Nectar
    20 in. EZ Deck Tilt & Clean Bird Bath - heatedWater Wiggler StandardPerky Pet Hummingbird Nectar




    All Natural Oriole Nectar Birdberry (TM) jelly Birdwatcher's Choice Mealworms
    All Natural Oriole NectarBirdberry (TM) Jelly 20 oz Birdwatcher's Choice - Mealworms




    Birdwatcher's Choice - Fly Larvae Feeder Fresh Pop's Hummingbird Swing
    Birdwatcher's Choice - Fly LarvaeFeeder Fresh (9oz)The Original Hummingbird Swing




    Copper Hummingbird Swing Hummer Helper Cage and Nesting Nesting Material Wreath
    Copper Hummingbird SwingHummer Helper Cage and NestingNesting Material Wreath




    Birdie Bell with Nesting Material Nest Lift Aspects Bee Guard Tips
    Birdie Bell with Nesting Material Nest LiftAspects Nectar Guard Tips




    Handi Stand - shown in black Heath Mounting Pole (3+) Heath Mounting Plate
    Handi StandHeath Mounting Pole (3+) Heath Mounting Plate





    Hawk Eye 75' Extension Cable Birdfeeder Brush 24 inch Hose Brush
    Hawk Eye 75' Extension CableDroll Yankee Birdfeeder Brush, 24 inchHose Brush




    Hummingbird Feeder Cleaning Brush Kit Wrap Around Squirrel Baffle Aspects Tube Top
    Hummingbird Feeder Cleaning Kit18 inch Wrap Around Squirrel BaffleTube top




    Hummbrella 12" dome Omni Seed Tray All Weather Feeder Squirrel Cage
    Hummbrella®Droll Yankees Omni Seed TrayAll Weather Feeder Squirrel Cage




    Birdie Bell Nesting Material - not for wreath Nesting Material Refill
    Birdie BellNesting Material RefillNesting Material Wreath Refill




    Hummer Helper Nest Material Refill Raccoon Live Trap Medium Live Animal Trap
    Hummer Helper Nest Material RefillCollapsible Raccoon Live TrapMedium Live Animal Trap




    Small Squirrel Trap Back mounted bee trap Hanging bee trap
    Small Squirrel Live TrapCarpenter Bee Trap - Back MountCarpenter Bee Trap - Hanging Mount




    Birdseed Moth Trap Organic Deer Repellent Away with Geese - Land Unit
    Birdseed Moth TrapPlant Saver All Natural Deer Repellent Away with Geese - Land Unit




    Away with Geese - Water Unit Purple Martin Decoy
    Away with Geese - Water UnitPurple Martin Decoy