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The Bird Song Ear Training Guide CD is a companion to Birds, Birds, Birds! DVD and is designed for anyone who wants to improve their ability to recognize bird songs.  It features the sounds of 189 different bird species found in the Midwest and Northeast States.  Each bird song is followed by a short description of the sound along with a common mnemonic used to remember it.  Following the song and mnemonic, the source of the sound is revealed.  Bynaming the bird at the end of each track, the listener is allowed to wonder and guess at the nature of the sound.  Active listening, similar to what one experiences in the field while searching for an unknown bird song, is a keyu to engaging the memory process.  Gaining familiarity with these songs will greatly increase any bird watcher's enjoyment and awareness of birds in their natural habitat.  This CD also features: Digital bird song recordings made in Wisconsin; a brief narration after each song that includes descriptive, memorable and often funny mnemonics.  It is easy to use because of its alphabetical track listing of all birds and their mnemonics.  This makes it easy to use as a field guide to learn and identify songs or as a recognition quiz game.  Profits from the sale of this CD will be donated to the Nature Conservancy and the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology.

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