Green Roof Birdhouse

Green Roof Birdhouse
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  • Item #: GRBH
  • Manufacturer: Kinsman Company

Plant a cool living garden in the rooftop tray of this spacious cedar home for the birds. Hand-crafted from rot-resistant western red cedar in Oregon.  This unique and beautiful cedar birdhouse is 12-1/2" tall overall X 5-1/2" X 5-1/2". The roof is 10"X 9" front to back. The roof tray is 1-3/4" deep. Soak the wood well with water, then fill with moist potting mix. Sow your favorite quick growing grass seed or hardy succulents.  Mosses grow well in shady locations.  This is your opportunity to really do something special.

The birdhouse entry hole is 1-1/2". The side panel swings open for cleaning and fastens securely.  There's a metal socket in the rear for fastening to a screw or nail in walls, fences or tree trunks.

Made in the USA.

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Price $39.95