Hawk Eye Wireless Spy Cam

Hawk Eye Wireless Spy Cam
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  • Item #: BCAMHEW
  • Manufacturer: Birdhouse Spy Cam

The Hawk-Eye Wireless is the perfect solution for anyone who cannot get the audio-video (AV) cable used with the regular Nature Cam into the same place where you have your computer or TV. Wireless only means it will transmit the audio/video without the use of cable but still requires electricity near the camera as a power source. It comes with a DC power supply cable. This miniature video camera can be used alone for wildlife viewing or mounted inside a bird house. It offers real-time, color video, infrared night vision, a built in microphone and sun hood. It also has a 70-degree, wideangle, variable focus lens (1/8" to infinity) to help improve image quality. For increased signal strength, reception and optimum quality the 100' extension cable can be used in lieu of the included 5' cable which will place the receiver nearer the camera.  The camera has been tested to -16 degrees F but is suggested that the camera remain on at all times when the weather is very cold.

See BCCAB100GC for 100' cable. Can be added for use up to 1000 feet.

Please read the instructional PDF for more informaton. 


See our Peek-A-Boo Ultimate Bluebird House for an in use example.  (SE635)

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