Living Wall Planter

Living Wall Planter
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  • Item #: ZWALL-1
  • Manufacturer: Kinsman Company

Pamela Crawford's Living Wall includes the liner and creates a feast for the eyes.  Turn bare walls into beautiful flowers. It's simple with the side planting system. It uses regular potting mix, not potting soil. Each planter is 14"X14"X5" and has 9 front facing holes and 3 more on each side and top.  Use up to 18 3"-4" plants for one planter but for an even more spectacular affect put 2, 4 or even 6 together.  The image below shows 2 side by side. Use succulents, shade or sun annuals depending on where you hang them. Spider plants, ferns, Ivy and even Orchids and Tropicals can be used. For Orchids it is recommended to use Coco-Chip Orchid Medium, sold separately (not in stock).

Watering is easy by using a gentle shower hose attachment. Just keep the water moving along the top of the planter to allow it time to absorb.  Keep watering until you see a steady stream of water flowing from the bottom.  You can also water the fronts if hung 2 high until the potting mix is saturated. Water when you see signs of wilt or the soil feels dry.  Do not overwater because container plants can die from overwatering.

Hangers are included with each living wall.  A larger wall rack can be ordered separately (not in stock). The sturdy wall rack holds the planter about 1" from walls allowing air circulation.  Racks come available to hold 1, 2 or 3 Living Wall Planters. Made of welded steel, black plastic coated.

Replacement liners are also available separately (not in stock).

Each planter comes in a sturdy box with complete step-by-step instructions. The back and side panels are packed with information on Hanging, Plant Selections, Watering and Grouping.

Use our contact email address if you are interested in any of the accessories for this that we do not keep in stock.  We can get them quickly.

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