Save the Last Dance (Book)

Save the Last Dance (book)
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This 204 page 11X11 hardback book Save the Last Dance - A story of North American Grassland Grouse, captures the beauty of 7 grouse species whose populations are diminishing across the prairies and plains of America.  The award-winning, Missouri Dept. of Conservation, staff photographer, Noppadol Pathong, and award-winning news & magazine writer, Joel M. Vance, have put together a book that strives to rescue the grassland grouse from the edge of extinction.  The photographer spent 10 years photographing what the writer tries to put into words.  Included are conservation efforts to save these species. The National Audubon Society is currently putting forth a concerted effort to help save the "Greater Sage-Grouse," and its habitat, which is just one of the 7 species featured in this beautiful book.

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"North America's native grouse get a fitting treatment in this beautifully designed volume. The concise but thorough information on each species, including large range maps, complements the spectacular images of the birds and their habitats. Photographing these birds isin't easy, but Paothong was up to the challenge.  The result is impressive." John Nuhn, Photo Editor, National Wildlife Magazine

"A collection of photos this good, I know, is the product of miles of travel, days spent away from loved ones, countless early wake-ups, and lots and lots of making do in the cold and dark.  Still, after viewing Paothong's beautiful, dawn-washed images of strutting, dancing, booming grouse - surely our nation's most overlooked national treasures - I can only wish I'd been there with him." Chuck Hagner, Editor, BirdWatching Magazine


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