Squirrel Feeder Munch Box

Squirrel Feeder Munch Box
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  • Item #: WCSF
  • Manufacturer: Birds Choice

Keep squirresl off of your bird feeders by offering them this easy-access food away from where the birds eat. This box is built for squirrel food....usually corn or unshelled peanuts.  The squirrel has to work for his dinner by lifting the lid to get to the food.  This feeder can be mounted on a tree, pole, deck, fence or anything solid.  It's constructed from 7/8" natural cedar with a clear plexy insert. All screwed construction using weather-resistant plated deck screws.  The continuous hinge is made from rust resistant aluminum and all the wooden edges are fully routed for the squirrels protection.  Weighs 8lbs. Dimensions are 11X9X10 inches.

Made in the USA.

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Price $25.60

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